Grand Cayman Weather
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One of the most popular reasons to visit island destinations such as Grand Cayman Island is the fantastic weather that such places are known for, and when you visit Grand Cayman you will likely get exactly what you expect to. Grand Cayman is one of the Cayman Islands, which sits in the Caribbean Sea.

The location of the island is responsible for its tropical marine climate. This type of climate is responsible for dividing the year up into essentially only two different individual seasons, one is the wet season, and one is the dry season. It is necessary to distinguish the seasons in this way because there really is no other way to distinguish them, as the temperatures in Grand Cayman, and in other areas that are characterized by this type of climate pattern, generally hover within approximately five degrees of the same temperature all year long. This makes for some pretty predictable weather, which is always nice to know exists when you are planning a vacation, as so many places are touch and go and you never know what to expect when you get there.

Fortunately, Grand Cayman is not like this, and the weather alone is reason enough to visit the breathtaking island paradise. And there are three elements of the weather in particular that give Grand Cayman that island balminess that so many island lovers seek out.

Humidity – Humidity plays a major role in making the Grand Cayman climate what it is, as it does anywhere for that matter. The humidity in Grand Cayman tends to hover between approximately 65 to 95 percent, depending of course on what time of the year it is. The humidity is much higher during the wet season, which generally takes place between May and October. Humidity is lower during the dry season, which takes place during the winter months, between November and April.

Temperatures – If there were ever such things as an absolutely perfect temperature range you could say that it exists in Grand Cayman. Temperatures below 70 degrees are rarely ever seen and they generally do not go over 90 degrees. For the most part, though, they tend to hover between a perfectly comfortable 75 and 85 degrees. Although the humidity, or lack thereof, surely contributes to how these temperatures actually feel, the temperatures themselves make for a very comfortable climate.

Sunshine – Grand Cayman is a place where the sun shines pretty much all year round, even on days when it rains and even during much of the rainy season. There are many beach destinations that go through periods of very little sunshine, even if the temperatures are still warm and balmy. While some of those places make for great vacation destinations, you have to make sure you plan your trip wisely. When it comes to planning a vacation in Grand Cayman, though, this is really not an issue, because this is a place where the sun shines bright and often.

A Word of Caution in Regards to Grand Cayman Weather

Even though Grand Cayman is characterized by near perfect weather it is important to consider the fact that it cannot always be perfect. Planning your trip during the dry season will definitely leave you with a better chance of having perfect weather, but there is never a guarantee. Additionally, there is a hurricane season to consider that affects Grand Cayman as well, which takes place from July to November. Trips booked during this time should be booked with travel insurance in order to protect the money you spend on your vacation.

Weather is no doubt unpredictable anywhere you go, but the weather in Grand Cayman is pretty beautiful most of the time. No matter what time of year you visit you will likely be blessed with warm temperatures, beautiful sunshine, and wonderful ocean air. All you have to do to enjoy it is plan your trip and get there.