One of The World’s Great Beaches

It is no secret that the world is full of beautiful beaches, and most people would not be surprised that some of the most beautiful of the many are located in the Caribbean.  The Caribbean is known for its crystal clear turquoise blue waters and white sands, which are the features that mostly tend to draw so many travelers here.  There are a number of islands in the Caribbean to choose from as well, giving the perfect opportunity for the ultimate experience for anyone.  And one of the most visited areas in the Caribbean is the Grand Cayman Islands, for very obvious reasons.  First of all, you can go to any Grand Cayman beach and find exactly the island atmosphere you are looking for.  There are also plenty of wonderful, five-star accommodations throughout the islands to choose from too.  Whether you prefer a hotel, a vacation home, or a beach suites resort villa there is the perfect accommodation for you and you companion or family.  One of the Grand Cayman beaches that visitors tend to flock to is the famed Seven Mile Beach, a beach that is definitely worth your hard earned vacation money.  There are a few things in particular that make Seven Mile Beach so special, just in case you need a little convincing, as it is these things that will help you make the decision to visit this world class beach.

1.    Fewer Restrictions Than Most Beaches – One of the best things about Seven Mile Beach in the Cayman Islands is the fact that there are way fewer restrictions regarding what you can do than most beaches.  Some of the things you will not be restricted from doing here include bringing your pet with you, and grilling anywhere on the beach.  Options like this make for a simpler vacation and the opportunity for spontaneity.

2.    Plenty of Opportunity for Seclusion – Since Seven Mile Beach is so long there is much more opportunity for a little seclusion during your visit to the beach.  This is something that anyone can appreciate, and if you look for and find the right spot then this beach is perfect for a little solitude and a day of relaxing.

3.    Great Snorkeling – Finally, Seven Mile Beach offers a great opportunity for a snorkeling experience.  There are numerous spots along the beach where visitors can get a good look at the marine life living in the Caribbean Sea.  And of course there are also numerous places at which you can get snorkeling gear and hire a guide as well, making it easy to decide at the last minute to go snorkeling.  This is a great experience for singles, couples, and families.

There are plenty of wonderful beaches in the Grand Cayman Islands, but Seven Mile Beach is particularly special and particularly popular as well, and for good reason.  Seven Mile is one of the world’s most beautiful beaches and any trip to the Grand Cayman Islands should include a visit to this spectacular beach.

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