Kids and the beach – – tips for your kid-friendly beach vacation

Kids love playing on the beach and parents love relaxing at the beach.  Unfortunately, the two experiences are not always harmonious.  Kids get so excited about what they are seeing and experiencing that they create a mini sandstorm around them when running, jumping and playing.  Parents who have been very careful to keep sand off their towels and out of their little fruity drinks with the umbrellas often find themselves covered in sand before the end of the day.  This is part of the beach vacation experience and it should be treasured.  Below are tips for taking your kids on a beach vacation.

  • Avoid sunburns by applying sunscreen several times throughout the day.  A sunburn can quickly ruin a beach vacation and leave you wishing you had never seen the sun or a beach.  Use a sunscreen specifically for children that protects from both UVB and UVA rays.  Look for sunscreens that are waterproof and have SPF of 30 or above.  When children are not in the water, have them wear hats to protect their face and eyes.
  • Avoid the mid-day and early afternoon sun as this is the worst time for children to be out in the sun.  Use this time for a mid-day nap or to watch a family or play a board game.
  • Pack plenty of water to take with you to the beach.  Hydration is important and the sun and salt will quickly drain fluids from a child, especially a child that is very active.  Encourage your children to take breaks and drink plenty of water while playing on the beach and in the ocean.
  • Simple beach toys are often more fun than expensive gadgets.  The experience of playing in the sand is fascinating for a child and usually having simple tools such as sand buckets, shovels, scoops and pails are more than sufficient for hours of fun.
  • Kids love finding seashells; however, it is sometimes hard to find the really cool shells.  Most shells are broken or very tiny.  Consider spending a few dollars on some shells from the gift store and “seeding” the area around your beach chairs.  Your children will be excited to find “awesome” shells and you can use them to decorate frames when you get home to hold the great picture you have of your child holding up his “treasure.”

Remember that you are at the beach to relax – everything does not have to be perfect.  Just enjoy the time with your family instead of being on a rigid schedule.

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