How to take great beach vacation pictures

You remembered to pack your sun block, bathing suite and beach towels but did you remember the camera?  If you are planning a beach vacation, you definitely want to remember to pack your camera, plenty of batteries and all the accessories you need to take great beach vacation pictures.  The beach is a beautiful backdrop for awesome vacation pictures.  Breathtaking sunsets, crystal blue water and sparking white sand are all elements that you will want to capture, along with your loved ones, in your photos.  Below are a few tips to make capturing your perfect beach vacation in photos that you will treasure for years to come.

  • After you take a few posed family photos where everyone is smiling and frozen in place, think outside of that small, framed box to get great photos that capture the fun beach vacation you enjoyed.  Take a close-up picture of the sand castle your husband and daughter made to put beside a picture of the two of them wading through the surf.  Pictures that capture the things you enjoyed will remind you more of your trip than staged photos.
  • Keep it at one-third.  This rule helps you place the horizon line in the correct place.  Keeping the horizon in the center of every picture is not only boring but it cuts the picture in half for everyone viewing it.  Keep the horizon in the top one-third or bottom one-third of your picture for a more appealing photograph.
  • The sun can be worse than clouds for beach pictures.  An overcast day can actually be great for making beach pictures because the sun is not blinding your subjects or casting them in shadows.  For sunny days, put the sun behind the photographer to avoid backlighting your subjects.  Also, avoid making pictures at midday – morning and afternoon are better for lighting.
  • Look for strong colors to make your pictures more interesting.  The beach offers shades of blue, buff and brown.  When you can add bright colors such as the red in a beach umbrella or the bright green and orange of a flower, snap the shot.
  • Perspective is very important when taking good beach pictures.  Do not be timid about sitting, kneeling or climbing on a chair to get the best shot.  Often sitting down in front of your children will provide great pictures as they play in the sand or in the shallow water.
  • Positioning your child to the side and taking the picture up close makes him stand out against the beach and surf.  Keeping the shoreline to one side will help keep the focus on your subject while giving you a beautiful shot of the ocean too.

With digital cameras, you do not need to keep all of the shots.  Take lots of pictures and choose the best to keep.

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