Honeymoon packing tips and secrets

You probably spent months planning the perfect wedding and honeymoon.  You will want to start your honeymoon off on the right foot and that means packing all of the essentials.  To make your job a little easier, we have listed some suggestions and tips for you to help get you out of the church and on your honeymoon feeling great and looking fabulous.

Hopefully, you received new luggage as a wedding present; however, if you did not then invest now in a good set of high-quality luggage.  In addition to looking great as you arrive at your honeymoon destination, high-quality luggage will last you a long time.  When you are packing your carry-on item, pack your important outfits so you do not risk them being lost or delayed.  You do not want your special photo op or dinner reservation ruined because your special outfit was lost or delayed with your luggage.  When packing jewelry, make sure to protect it in a roll-up organizer and keep it in your carry-on as well.

Because you will want to do some sightseeing, bring comfortable shoes and clothes that are stylish but practical.  You want to bring at least one pair of dress shoes along with some good tennis shoes and a pair of sandals or casual shoes.  Having clothes that can mix and match with the shoes is a great way to travel light. If you are honeymooning somewhere warm, pack at least two bathing suits so that you can wash them out in the sink but still have one to wear.  And do not forget the camera so you can take lots of pictures to share.  Having a camera that allows you to share photos online is a great investment for the future.  A tripod is another item that is great for a honeymoon so that you can take couple pictures even when no one is around to snap them for you.

One item you definitely want to bring – a tote bag.  Tote bags are great for carrying items to the beach, on picnics or other outings.  They are far more stylish than a backpack and easily carried on the plane as a “purse” so that it does not count as a carry-on bag on most airlines.

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