Beach Suites Resort- Where People Live in Luxury and in Harmony with Nature

Beach Suite Resorts is the best place of choice for visitors who look forward to spend their holidays as well as for honey moon couples. The luxury suites along with the sea view and water sports such as diving, surfing and skating refreshes the mind and body of the visitors. The cocktail servings and continental food is a real treat for food lovers as well.

Beach Suites Resort is a place where people spend their holidays in luxury at the same time enjoying the beauty of nature and entertainments such as water sports which give both refreshment and amusement to the visitors.

In the Canyon Beach area there are suite resorts which provide these facilities which are a treat for both body as well as mind where people can spend a number of days with their families in joy and amusement.

Homely Atmosphere in the Resort

The suites provide everything from bath towels and slippers for bathroom use to all types of food which include continental and seafood. The furniture in the suites is made from dark wood and there are facilities for cooking and kitchen. There is also a coffeemaker and washing machine provided in the room. There is also free Wi-Fi available. For the convenience of the families the resort has provided babysitting services. There is a skate and surfing park which gives a sporting experience to all visitors. Other major features are turtle farms which are situated near the resorts which give a different experience to the tourists especially to the nature lovers.

Luxury Facilities

The resort provides all the major suite luxuries such as golf courses and spa for massage treatments. There are also facilities which provide people sporting games such as diving, surfing and snorkeling. These are available at the door step. The highly elevated sea view and balconies also provide a refreshing experience. There is also availability of outdoor swimming pool and private patio for guests. Other major features include sundecks for guests surrounded by tropical vegetation. There is a modern fitness center which is open all 24 hours of the day. There are bamboo restaurants and seafood at beachside restaurants.

Many of the restaurants serve cocktails and other specialty food items. Other outdoor entertainments include a National Museum which will take the visitors to the past and give them the experience of a historic place.

Conveyance to Major Places

The Beach Suites Resort provides the visitors car and cycle rental services. Cycles are available for the visitors to take a local tour through the island and the nearby areas which are the popular tourist destinations. The resorts are mostly situated not far away from the International airports which give travel facilities to the visitors both to and fro. The tickets can be reserved by the visitors from the resort customer service department.

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