Beach Suites Resort, a Romantic Paradise for a Perfect Honeymoon

The Cayman Islands located in the western Caribbean Sea is known to have been discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1503 and are part of three major islands, the most famous being the Grand Cayman. Beach suites resort is one such location in the heart of the Grand Cayman, providing a complete experience of the Cayman in all its natural beauty. The resort guarantees a romantic or fun filled holiday catering to every budget with affordable and comfortable accommodation.

If you are a couple interested in arranging your marriage cum honeymoon among the natural splendor of Cayman beaches, then the resort will provide just the right thing for you where all you need is your personal legal documents and you are all set to experience a fairytale wedding right there on the beach itself.  For accommodation, one has a varied choice of resort styled rooms or stay at one of the seven-mile beach hotels. The seven-mile beach is a long stretch of pristine white sandy beach and is the most popular spot for tourists.

Luxury and premium hotels can be found scattered all over the major areas of Georgetown, Bodden town and old man bay. George town offers a better choice of hotels such as the grand Cayman resort or the Marriott beach resort with suites stocked with all modern amenities and a balcony overlooking the shoreline. Economy hotels are also available on the seven-mile beach and town areas, providing affordable accommodation for the budget conscious traveler.

Tourist Attractions and Adventure Activities

The Grand Cayman and its many resorts offer a range of adventurous activities like snorkeling in diving sites where one could perhaps chance upon ships sunk ages ago. A snorkeling experience underwater along the beautiful coral reefs is an awesome experience that would remain etched in ones memory forever. There are many major tourist attractions around the islands such as the stingray city sandbar where one can get a feel of giant stingrays. Georgetown itself is a historic city with interesting landmarks. One can also explore the beaches and the surrounding flora, with many quaint coves and inland lagoons full of colorful marine and plant life. It would be an interesting experience to book an underwater submarine tour to get a close up of the ocean bed.

Traveling to the Caymans is an easy affair; with an international airport located in Georgetown and every resort provide airport hotel transfers. Beach suites resort offer you the holiday of a lifetime with economic hotel and travel packages for couples and family alike guaranteeing you a perfect vacation.

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