If you ask people to pick the best Grand Cayman Beach, then definitely there will only be one answer, the Seven Mile Beach.

Named as one of the “Ultimate Beaches” and “The Caribbean’s Best Beach” by the Caribbean Travel and Life magazine, the Seven Mile Beach is the top tourist destination in the whole of the Cayman Islands. It is also the most popular beach holiday destination for tourist coming from the US, Europe and other countries.

The Seven Mile Beach or SMB is a crescent shape beach with beautiful white sand.  Though called “Seven Mile Beach”, the length of this Grand Cayman beach is only 5.5 miles or 8.9 kilometers.

The beach is public property. You can walk its sand covered beach for free. Along its edge are some of the best Cayman hotels and beach suites resorts. There are also other commercial establishments around the areas like restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, and offices for guided tours and diving instructors. For great picnics and affordable family vacations, open grilling and cooking are allowed in certain portions of the Seven Mile Beach. The beach is also open for pets to roam around. However, several restrictions should be followed when in the Seven Mile Beach like playing loud music or sun bathing without your clothes on.

There are so many things to do in this famous beach destination. Swimming and sun bathing are top favorites of tourists while seeing the friendly sting rays tops the list of families who are on an affordable Grand Cayman beach holidays.

You can also learn how to dive and snorkel while on vacation here. Some of the best dive and snorkeling sites can be found not far from the shore, great for beginners like kids. Some of the must try snorkeling sites are in the area of the Governor’s House and the artificial reef found in the area of Marriot Hotel.

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