Grand Cayman is a very popular beach destination in the Caribbean Island which attracts tourists such as honeymoon couples and music and nature lovers. It offers a vast number of beach activities such as diving, surfing, and also sunbathing. The night clubs and restaurants are visited by both youngsters and families.

Grand Cayman Beach is your place of choice if you are a nature lover or if you are planning to spend your honeymoon in a tranquil and silent place without great rush of tourists. It is considered to be also a great romantic place as the island features one of the best beach destinations in the world with plenty of beach activities like surfing, diving, fishing and snorkeling.

If you want to spend an evening in the beach there are also launches and stalls for watching the sunset and also to take a sunbath. Thus it also becomes the best place for people after their long tiring days of work to spend a vacation and relax from the hassles of daily life. This island is the best entertainment place in the 7 mile beach area.

Highlighted Features of the Resort

The 7 mile beach area has restaurants, bars and hotels which serve both local and other relished food which will arouse your taste buds with their mouthwatering aroma and flavor. These restaurants serve all types of food such as continental and sea food items which are the all-time-favorites.

There are other best featured entertainments provided by Grand Cayman in the nights which are rendered most memorable in your life; the grand parties are hosted by the restaurants and the clubs and night bars which are open all throughout the night. They invite all types of visitors such as honeymoon couples, bar hoppers and music lovers who spend the night here dancing and making steps to the beats of music. One person who is considered a local celebrity is called the barefoot man who serves in the Beef Resort Restaurant as a musician and conducts concerts every Tuesday and Thursday. The concert can be attended only by prior reservation as it draws music lovers from all over the place.

Royal Palm Restaurant

Another place worth mentioning is the Royal Palm where they have prepared dancing floors and music and invites customers with the best servings of food and drinks. Here families also find entertainment from the games such as chess and has facilities for watching local sports events. Local treats are also provided at the Britannia bar.

Theater Plays

The Harquil Theater is the place of cultural events and other local plays and is also a sought after place by the visitors and tourists from all over the world. The Prospect restaurant in this area serves its visitors with the best facilities and also local treats which are tasty and healthy.

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