Grand Cayman Attractions

The attractions in any tourist destination are by far the most important factor to consider when planning a vacation, as nobody wants to spend a week, or even a weekend, in a ghost town that has little to offer in the way of anything. In a place as beautiful as Grand Cayman, there is no doubt that the beaches and the views that come with them are a major attraction in and of themselves. But even when visiting a place this beautiful you want a wide variety of things to see and do to occupy your time there. And the hotels and other businesses that are in those places are perfectly willing to give you exactly what you want.

Many of the people who visit Grand Cayman, or any of the Cayman Islands for that matter, do so with the intent on spending a lot of time at the beaches. Fortunately, there are plenty of beaches located at various points throughout the span of the entire island that allow for that opportunity. And the beaches that are there are very diverse in their landscapes, which offers a certain level of variety as well. One beach that much be paid a visit in your travels more than any others, though, it the most famous beach on the island, which is Seven Mile Beach. Although this may not be the only beach you want to spend your time at, because it can be rather crowded during peak travel times, it is one that almost anyone who travels to Grand Cayman wants to be able to say they visited.

In addition to the beaches, you can find pretty much anything you want to see and do on the island. Everything from athletic activities to sightseeing opportunities to live performances can be found in numerous places throughout the island. With so much to see and do, many visitors will wait until they arrive to decide which attractions they want enjoy, rather than planning a tentative itinerary to at least guide them on the way. But while the spontaneity that goes along with doing things this way can definitely be exciting, it can also mean missing out on something particularly special. For this reason it will at least help to have a guide to some of the most popular attractions on Grand Cayman Island, as there are quite a few specific ones that tend to be most enjoyed by visitors.

  • Kittiwake Shipwreck and Artificial Reef – The best attractions to see in any place are those that you cannot see anywhere else in the world, and that is the type of attraction that the Kittiwake Shipwreck and Artificial Reef is. At this site you will find a decommissioned submarine that was donated to the Cayman Islands in order to be used to form an artificial reef. The Kittiwake began its new life as a very popular dive spot in 2011 and now today is one of the most intriguing dive spots on the island. There are many dive spots at which you can go scuba diving and snorkeling, but if you have to choose one this is one that will not disappoint you.
  • Porto di Georgetown – The port area in Georgetown, which is the largest city on the island, is a place where there is always something going on. There are numerous shops and restaurants here at which you can find everything from souvenirs to jewelry and seafood to fast food. This is also a great place to sit back and take in the view of the Grand Cayman Islands as well. Not only do you get fantastic views of the Caribbean Sea and the bright blue sky at where it meets the sea, but you can also watch the ships come in, which is a terrific way to pass time as well.
  • The Blow Holes – It is always nice to find attractions while you are on vacation that do not cost anything to see, and it is even better when those attractions involve natural wonders of the world. Grand Cayman is a place where part of your vacation will surely have to be spent enjoying nature, because that is by far the most valuable asset the beautiful island paradise has to offer. On your journey you should make it a point to try to get a glimpse of the Blow Holes, which are off of the side of a road, so you may have to inquire about directions if you are going to go searching for them. The Blow Holes are a natural occurrence that involves water from the ocean spraying out of holes that have formed in caverns underwater. The geysers can reach as much as 15 feet high and are a phenomenon that is well worth seeing.
  • Devil’s Grotto – A stay in Grand Cayman will likely include a dive at some point, and as mentioned early, there are plenty of great dive spots to choose from. The diving at Devil’s Grotto, though, is ideal for snorkelers that are beginners, and a little bit wary about their first dive. But, it is also a beautiful dive spot with scenery spectacular enough to enthrall even the most seasoned diver. There is a wide variety of marine life to be seen, and on good days divers can even get into the grotto. The pictures that can be taken at Devil’s Grotto are pictures that will surely remind you of some of the best moments during your Grand Cayman beach vacation.
  • Hell – Finally, if you want to return home being able to tell all of your friends and family that you have been someplace where most people will never be able to say they have been, you can visit Hell during your stay. Hell is actually a small town that sits within Grand Cayman Island and gets its name due to a natural occurrence that left the land in the town consisting of little more than lava type rock. Hell doesn’t have much to offer other than a post office, a souvenir shop, and a very desolate looking landscape, but it is worth it to go there just for the simple fact that you will be able to say that you went.

There will be plenty to do during your stay in Grand Cayman, and you will likely have a busy itinerary already planned out, but if these attractions are not on your list then you may want to add them. With such diverse offerings you want to be sure to make time to see a little bit of everything, especially those attractions that are especially unique such as these.