Fun Things for Your Grand Cayman Beach Holiday Vacation

The Grand Cayman offers the best beaches to spend your dream holiday vacation and nowhere is it most perfect than in Seven Mile Beach.

There are a lot of things to see and do in the Grand Cayman. You can spend the rest of the day in the Seven Mile beach playing beach volleyball, swimming, building sand castles or just reading a good book while working on your tan.

During evenings, many Grand Cayman beach hotels plays host to buffet dinners and entertain their guests with live music. The length of the Seven Mile Beach is also lined with fabulous restaurants, bars and disco houses to entertain party goers.

For those who are on an affordable Grand Cayman beach vacation, you should try out some of these fun activities:

Learn how to Sail

Sailing is a favorite sports activity in the Grand Cayman. You can rent out small boats for fishing expeditions or for exploring some secluded beaches and other islands around the Cayman Islands.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

The seas of the Cayman Islands are teeming with hundreds of different species of marine life. Some of these sea creatures are friendly you can even feed or touch them. There are also dozens of sunken ships to explore and different corals and fishes to see.

Play Golf

The best golf course in the Grand Cayman is the Britannia Golf Club. This golf course was designed by golf legend, Jack Niclaus.

Go on a submarine tour

For parents vacationing with their kids, you should book for a Grand Cayman submarine tour for the whole family. These sea vessels have transparent floors allowing you to see the sea floor and marvel at the very rich and diverse marine life.


The Grand Cayman is a shopping haven for locals and tourist alike. There are dozens of duty free shops where you can score affordable wine, beach wear, the latest gadgets and fashion items.

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